The new Burberry charm holiday 2011 Lip glow Glosses luxurious Lips in high-end

As payback for dragging him to view breaking Dawn: part I last month, an experience he explains as “beyond painful,” El Hub has asked me to go along with him to the annual holiday celebration at work. I’m down with that, however he likewise states that I can only bring a maximum of one additional pair of shoes.



Yeah… I may not be able to do that. See, I’m fickle about my footwear, so whenever we go someplace, I always have to bring along one or two a few additional pairs of shoes, just in situation I modification my mind (which occurs all the time).

It wouldn’t be an problem if I likewise kept in mind to bring the additional pairs back in the house, however I don’t, as well as so at any type of provided time the inside of the vehicle appears like a DSW Store. Passengers in the back seat danger being stabbed in a butt cheek by 4-inch stiletto heels. It’s really a miracle El Hub has put up with it for so long.

If I do end up just bringing one additional pair of shoes to the celebration next week, I’ll have to discover other methods to satisfy my compulsive requirement for options. These new holiday 2011 Burberry charm Lip glow Glosses ($27 each) ought to do the trick.


Кошки и макияж Толстовка ??

$ 42.

Магазин сейчас

I’ve been alternating between two of the three new shades this week, dynamic as well as creamy bright Plum as well as shimmery golden beige nude Gold. With perfect packaging that feels like it has some heft to it; a doe-foot applicator for accurate application; a non-sticky, comfortable texture; a yummy violet flavor as well as scent (fades after about 10 minutes) as well as sufficient pigment as well as radiate to last for days, these Lip Glows are whatever a gloss ought to be for $27.

Not that a gloss ought to ever be $27.

Both bright Plum (top) as well as nude Gold (bottom) are two of three new shades in the Lip glow line; the third shade, Ruby (not pictured), is a bright red

Swatches of nude glow (left) as well as bright Plum (right)

Bright Plum

Nude Glow

Bright Plum

Nude Gold

For the celebration next week, I believe I’ll begin with the much more remarkable bright Plum, which typically lasts about five hours. Then, if the evening goes late, I’ll bust out nude Gold, which lasts about three hours on my lips, for a late-night J.Lo look.

Or perhaps I’ll begin with nude Gold…

Ah, I can’t decide. Either way, even though these are expensive, I believe they have the products to back it up.

Цена: 27 $ Каждый
AVAILABILITY: offered now at Burberry charm counters, at Neiman Marcus as well as Nordstrom stores, as well as likewise online
MAKEUP as well as charm blog RATING: A (even at this price)

Burberry charm holiday 2011 includes (click right here for costs as well as pics)…

FRESH glow luminous fluid Base

LIGHT GLOW in Misty blush No. 08

EFFORTLESS MASCARA in Midnight Black No. 01

SHEER EYE shadow in Rosewood No. 09

SHEER EYE SHADOW in Lavender Blue No.13

LIP glow in nude Gold No.15 (new)

LIP GLOW in Ruby No.16 (new)

LIP GLOW in bright Plum No.17 (new)

LIP mist in Cinnamon No. 201

LIP mist in Rosy Red No. 205

LIP mist in Blueberry No. 206

LIP DEFINER in nude beige No. 01

LIP DEFINER in bright Plum No. 04

LIP DEFINER in brick Red No. 05

Annie Chun’s Udon Bowls are this cat’s meow

Swear to gawd, I’ve eaten about six of Annie’s Udon Bowls because yesterday. I’ve been combating a chilly this week, as well as they’ve been the only thing I’ve wanted. Them as well as macarons…

They’re all natural, quick as well as simple to make (just add hot water), only have 240 calories as well as taste all salty as well as great! I’ve been getting them at Trader Joe’s for about $2.20 each.


Okay, I’m craving one best now…

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