5 things I like about liquid Eyeshadow

From the mascara wand: Saie Mascara 101, Ilia color Haze Multi-Use Pigment in Temptation, Ilia clean Line Gel liner in Dusk as well as Ilia liquid Powder Chromatic Eye Tint in Fresco
1. The packaging’s cute.

Plus, if by some odd coincidence one needed to protect themselves utilizing solely the contents of a makeup bag, I feel like chucking an Ilia liquid Eyeshadow with all my may would do a lot more damage than a pan of MAC Soft Brown, ya know? There’s some weight to those tubes!

Rare appeal liquid Eyeshadow in almost Neutral
2. You have SO lots of options.

You can keep it basic as well as just wear a single liquid shadow shade as is on your lids, or you can make things deliciously challenging by layering other liquids, creams, pencils or powder shadows on top, aka, the story of my life. exactly how lots of times have I stated to myself, “K-Dawg, we’re just going to utilize this matte liquid taupe as well as phone call it a day,” only to have it turn into a whole thing with feline liner, three shades in the crease as well as a smudged lower lash line? СЛИШКОМ. МНОГО.


I went with a phase when I was truly into these liquid shadows by roam Beauty
3. The liquid doe foot applicators.

Seriously, why is the feeling of a doe foot on my lid so soothing? It’s like having a small bunny paw lovingly caress my face. I’m likewise extremely grateful for the precision that doe foots offer now that my lids are getting a lot more hooded seemingly by the second. I have to be extremely cautious with where I location my color these days, as well as a doe foot from a liquid shadow uses a lot more manage than a clean packed with powder shadow.

Love me some taupe! That’s Chanel Desert Wind liquid eyeshadow, by the way.
4. Eye primer? What even is that?

As somebody who’s enthusiastically used eye makeup for a lot of of her life, I’ve gotta say, in the last 10 years, liquid eyeshadows have just gotten much better as well as much better in terms of wear time. I keep in mind in the ’90s as well as early Aughts exactly how it would just vanish from your lids into some mysterious makeup black hole. Now, there’s so lots of long-wearing liquids that last from morning ’til night. It’s glorious!

5. There are so lots of completes as well as colors to select from!

Matte, satin, shimmer, as well as oh, all of the brights, neutrals as well as whatever in between. Возможности безграничны!


Кошки и макияж Толстовка ??

$ 42.

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What do you like about liquid eyeshadow, as well as which ones are your favorites? My go-to shades as of late are Ilia Fresco (a satiny taupe) as well as unusual appeal almost Neutral (a warm pinkish beige).

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