Online Hauls: makeup Geek, Glossier, and charm Bay (Shipping to Canada)

July was my “Low-Buy” month which coincided with my birthday month (it was no accident, I orchestrated it so that I was able to haul for my birthday ), so the floodgates were open and I especially went to town with online orders.  Here are the 3 online sellers I purchased from:

Makeup Geek, charm Bay, and Glossier!  It was my first time ordering from Makeup Geek and Glossier. For reference, I live in Toronto, Canada and costs will be stated in Canadian dollars (CAD) unless otherwise noted. As an “international” customer from many online sources, it’s always a challenge when it concerns shipping time and costs from a Canadian perspective – here’s what I purchased and my experience.

Makeup Geek

• blush pan in secret Admirer $10 USD (this is noted as to be discontinued so I just had to get it)
• blush pan in XOXO $4 USD (this was in their damaged section but it is in mint condition!)
• Foiled Eyeshadow pan in Mesmerized $10 USD
• Duochrome Eyeshadow pan in Steampunk $6 USD
• Duochrome Eyeshadow pan in Mai Tai $6 USD
• Eyeshadow pan in Barcelona beach $6 USD
• makeup Geek travel vault palette $13.00 USD

I finally got my paws on some mug goodies! By the way, I clicked through TheMakeupCase’s link to place my purchase (it’s on her sidebar).

Here are the pans all snug inside the palette:

I believe the palette could fit one much more eye shadow – now I kick myself for not getting one much more (had my eye on the shade “Prom Night” but just how numerous taupe eye shadows does one person need? It’s the greatest mystery of жизнь! )

Отгрузочные реквизиты:
Ordered: July 9th
Shipped: July 11th
Received: July 17th
Source: Jackson, MI (USA)
Shipping cost: $6.99 USD, no totally free shipping offer
Prices shown as USD on site, taxes not included

The shipping was fast and problem-free – I did not get dinged on taxes / customized fees (my total concerned $83 CAD). The packaging was stellar both in function (box was compact and items were wrapped in tissue) and in form (sleek black box with metallic logo sticker on the outside, and hot pink tissue paper inside).

Beauty Bay

• Anna Sui Eye & face Colour Angel Feather in A700 Mouton $13.30
• Anna Sui face Colour in 301 Apricot Peach Garland $18.70 (on clearance)

I purchased these primarily to fill out my Anna Sui compact! I noted these Anna Sui eye shadows in my last favourites and I’m very pleased to add one much more shade to round out my collection:

The blush was on sale and I like how this eye and cheek palette can be good for weekend travel.

Отгрузочные реквизиты:
Ordered: July 10th
Shipped: July 14th
Received: July 31st
Source: Manchester (UK)
Via: Česká pošta Prioritaire (it was really odd that this was shipped through Czech post but the return address is in the UK)
Shipping cost: totally free with minimum $25 purchase; otherwise $6.50
Prices shown in CAD (converted from £), taxes not included

I’ve purchased 2 other times from charm Bay and all the shipments take 2 weeks minimum to arrive. I’ve always kept the total below $100 and have not had issues with taxes / customs. The size of the shipping box was bit outrageous – for 2 tiny items – I could have fit a pair of shoes inside that box!  But, at least it was very well padded inside with lots of paper.


• Balm Dotcom in Coconut $15
• Milky Jelly Cleanser $22
I wanted to dip my toes into this brand so I stuck with only 2 items (there’s a totally free shipping offer with any 2 items purchase).  I read so numerous online reviews to narrow it down to these 2. I was also eyeing the Cloud paint and the Generation G lipstick.

Отгрузочные реквизиты:
Ordered: July 23rd
Shipped: July 24th
Received: July 28th
Source: Mississauga, ON (Canada)
Via: DHL
Shipping cost: totally free shipping with any 2 item purchase; regular shipping is $8
Prices shown in CAD and all applicable taxes included – this makes sense because the storage facility is – surprisingly – a local source.

Why, thank you! Flattery will get you everywhere.
When I learned that Glossier is finally shipping to Canada, I jumped at the totally free shipping offer.  Shipping time was quick given that Mississauga is only about 30 minutes away from Toronto.  Technically, I only paid for 2 items but when I opened the box, I was greeted with a lot of extras, plus a sample of their Priming Moisturizer.

This brand really has their image firmly controlled – no detail is overlooked; from the carton to the small extras like the reusable bubble wrap zip lock pouch, to the stickers, to the postcard – they all yell “I’m trying very hard!”

And their efforts are paying off – I can be purchased with freebie stickers. I’m easy.

Tada, all the goodies together!
Overall, the mug and Glossier shipments were exceptional – very quick and packaged extremely well. charm Bay was a bit disappointing but I do like that they offer totally free shipping at such a relatively low dollar minimum (mosT сайты требуют минимальной покупки в 50 долларов за абсолютно бесплатную доставку), и они запасят трудно найти бренды. Я бы выкупил со всех 3 сайтов в будущем.

Вы купили с этих онлайн-сайтов раньше, или попробовали элементы, которые я получил? Каковы ваши предпочтительные интернет-магазины для покупки продуктов Charm?

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