LUSH catastrophe cosmetic Fresh deal with Mask

Today is Victoria Day, a holiday right here in Canada, in event of Queen Victoria’s birthday. Colloquially, we phone call it “May two four long weekend” because of the approximate date (May 24th) and to explain a situation of beer (‘two four’).  The prominent activity to do during this long weekend is to head as much as the cottage to open it for the season as well as there are usually fireworks as well as drinking…  Me? Not doing any type of of that. relaxing at house as well as doing some cleaning as well as decluttering. I’m long overdue for a makeup purge!

Onward to a evaluation of this rich Fresh deal with Mask:

I chosen up the Catastrophe cosmetic mask 2 weeks back as well as have been diligently utilizing it – right here are my thoughts.

LUSH catastrophe cosmetic Fresh deal with Mask is a product that can only be bought in-stores since it must be refrigerated. They’re hand made utilizing fresh components as well as have a short shelf life. Mine was made on may 2nd with an expiry date of may 23rd – I bought it on may 10th so I only had 13 days to utilize it up!

It’s a milky greyish periwinkle coloured clay type mask with bit bits of actual blueberries. Its very first component is calamine powder, which means it’s excellent for calming skin. I presume the blue tint is from the blueberries.

When I very first used it, I discovered the consistency to be somewhat crumbly as well as dry, which made it difficult to spread smoothly onto the skin. I was applying to freshly cleaned, dry skin. On my next application, I decided to moisten my skin with water before applying the mask, which assisted greatly.  To further assist spread the mask evenly, I smoothed it with wet fingers.

Due to its drier consistency, I discovered the very best method to get the product out of the pot was with a butter knife – I basically cut bit wedges out – about a teaspoon full – for every application.

It’s a traditional clay type mask where while it dries, there’s a tightening feeling. I’m not able to make any type of facial motions at all – no talking, eating, smiling – nothing – up until it is rinsed off or else I danger the mask cracking as well as flaking. I rinse off with warm water after 10 minutes (I’ve kept this on for upwards of 30 minutes ) – I discovered the mask rinses off quickly as well as cleanly, leaving no residue.

The mask is referred to as the “blueberry-packed balancer” on LUSH’s site. I definitely agree that this is a balancing mask. I discover that some clay-based masks can be extremely drying however this doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight or dehydrated. In fact, my skin feels extremely smooth as well as supple afterwards – the inclusion of glycerine as well as almond oil help in this regard.  The component listing is short as well as sweet:

Calamine Powder, Talc, Irish Moss Gel, Fresh Blueberries, Glycerine, Almond Oil, increased Absolute, Chamomile Blue Oil, wonderful Wild Orange Oil, *Limonene, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Fragrance.
*Occurs naturally in necessary oils

The only thing I don’t like about this mask is the scent. I believed it would be like fresh blueberry, however instead, it’s a floral type of scent mixed with a rubber eraser smell.  I was surprised to see that rich added fragrance to this mask (listed as the last ingredient). Why did they feel the requirement to do that?

Thanks Lori!
The mask ends tomorrow as well as I’m doing my final mask tonight. I was able to get 8 utilizes out of this pot which I believe makes the expense of the mask rather fair (even much better that I traded in my empty containers as well as got this for free!) The pot costs $8.95 for 60g so it worked out to be $1.12 as well as approx 7.5g of product per use.

Made in Canada – I suppose rich products around the world are locally made to where ever they’re located.
I got this mask to assist calm a few of my allergy-related bumps / hives on my skin (especially on my forehead as well as cheeks) as well as it has assisted to ease them.  I’ve only tried one other rich Fresh deal with Mask before, The sacred reality (review here) as well as I’ve enjoyed both extremely much. I really like Catastrophe cosmetic just a touch more based on the results.

• Smoothing on sensitive skin
• leaves skin smooth and supple
• Fresh natural ingredients
• fairly priced
• Произведены без насилия сделаны с любовью
• Container can be redeemed as part of the 5 Pot Program (free mask!)

• extremely restricted lifespan, must be refrigerated
• only offered at rich stores, not online
• odor as well as inclusion of fragrance

Стойка достойна: 8/10

I would suggest catastrophe cosmetic for all skin types, particularly if you’re looking to calm irritated skin.  Thanks once again to Dannii of A beauty thing blog, who was the very first to suggest this to me!

Have you tried rich Fresh deal with Masks? What are your favourite deal with masks – rich or other brands?

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