Блог макияжа и красоты Понедельник Опрос, Vol. 204

One can never go wrong with pearls…

Вам может быть интересно: «Так что, черт возьми, в любом случае этот понедельник?»
Well, it isn’t much of a poll. Это более просто постоянно развивается (развлекаясь?), Несколько случайный список вопросов, которые я выдал читателям каждое утро понедельника в течение последних четырех лет. Мне всегда нравилось читать ваши ответы в комментариях, и я надеюсь, что вам нравится читать мои.


I just finished a quick run, and I feel like I’m floating on an endorphin-fueled high. feels like it’s gonna be a terrific day!

How do you feel about bright neon clothing?

I’m still on the fence… I noticed a ton of neon shirts, shoes and accessories at gap and Target last weekend. Talk about flashbacks to the ’80s! I remember wearing an oversized neon green t-shirt in fourth grade that went down to about my knees and thinking I was the ish, haha! It was so obnoxiously bright that it reflected a greenish tint on my chin…

Not my best look. Still, I don’t mind the idea of wearing something bright and eye-catching, but I’d want to wear it in a way that wasn’t totally obnoxious.

Your favorite lip balm?

Lately, I’ve been stuck on Bite beauty Vitamin Gel in Pink Grapefruit, a moisturizing lippie that tastes just like Boton Rice candy (NOM!).

Note to self…

Do whatever it takes to get to that hatha yoga class tomorrow at 6. WHATEVER IT TAKES!

Have you tried zip-lining?

No, but I’d love to! I’d like to do it somewhere that took me soaring out over the tops of tall trees.

When was the last time you rode a bicycle?

Last June over my birthday trip to Vancouver, British Columbia. El Hub and I rented bikes and cruised around Stanley Park. Так весело!

Which of your pals lives the farthest away from you?

I’m lucky that two of my closest friends, Jen and Cindy, live here in the Bay Area, and they’re both about an hour away, so I guess that makes you the farthest.

What would you do with a six-month, all-expenses-paid break from work or school?

I’d sleep in and do absolutely nothing each day for the first two weeks. Then, I’d spend the next month chasing waves (always, always wanted to go on a surf trip), and then the next few months eating my way through Europe.

Not sure about the rest of the time… six months is a long time, and I’m not sure how Tabs would feel about these plans. I mean, I know he’s doing his own thing with his kitty modeling career and probably wouldn’t want to chase me around the world, but there’s no way I could go six months away from him.

Something that makes you feel peaceful?

The sound of rushing water and bubbles for the first few seconds after I dive into a body of water.

Weekly goals:

Just one this week (well, two, including making it to yoga tomorrow night): don’t stop believing!


It rained buckets here all day yesterday, so no food truck time for me (boo!), but I did make it to the movies.

If you like movies with butt-kicking babes, go see Haywire (it was El Hub’s idea), directed by Steven Soderbergh and starring former MMA fighter Gina Carano, who’s like Jane Bond/Bourne in the flick, which also stars Michael Douglas, Antonio Bandaras, Michael Fassbender and Ewan McGregor (yay!).

It’s probably safe to assume that the Academy will not be doling out any Oscars for the film, I thought it was great. and apparently, according to El Hub (a former martial artist), Gina has top-notch fighting technique and looks tough as nails.


Кошки и макияж Толстовка ??

$ 42.

Магазин сейчас

Of course, I wouldn’t know, because other than the correct way to make a fist, I don’t know a thing about fighting. I couldn’t appreciate the finer points of the action scenes, but I still thought it was pretty amazing to see a girl action hero delivering so many beat downs.

And now today it’s back to the grind! — which also means it’s time for the Monday Poll. Do you have a minute to touch base and say hi?

Чтобы завершить опрос понедельника, просто скопируйте следующий список и вставьте его с вашими ответами в комментариях.

1. Mood:
2. how do you feel about bright neon clothing?
3. Your favorite lip balm?
4. note to self…
5. have you tried zip-lining?
6. When was the last time you rode a bicycle?
7. Which of your pals lives the farthest away from you?
8. What would you do with a six-month, all-expenses-paid break from work or school?
9. Something that makes you feel peaceful?
10. Еженедельные цели:


Here’s to us having a terrific week of record-breaking proportions!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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