10-Minute travel Makeup: Berry Cheeks and Lips, and glowing Skin on the go

travel makeup you can do in 10 minutes…in a moving car
All who wander are not lost, but if El Hub is at the helm, and we’re in our Mazda, chances are… Haha! Kidding, babe! вроде, как бы, что-то вроде…

That man… OK, he was was born and raised on an island, so when he gets lost while driving, he instinctively seeks out the ocean and then hugs the coast. Now, if you do that on a small island, you’ll eventually get closer to where you need to go. (Granted, this technique works better on a small island like Oahu than it does when you’re driving in the middle of a substantial state like California.)


And will he ever pull over and ask for directions? НЕА. thank goodness for smart phones… Apple Maps has saved our marriage much more than once!

Anyway, I’ve learned a thing or two about putting on makeup in cars, because, girl, I’m always putting on makeup in the car. (If I had a nickel for each time I nearly poked my eye out with a mascara clean on 880…)

Over the years and years and miles and miles, I’ve figured out a few valuable tricks that make the process simpler and much more efficient, and those tricks came in useful last weekend on our three-hour drive up to Redding.


Кошки и макияж Толстовка ??

$ 42.

Магазин сейчас

Fluffy cloud game on point
The yellow wildflowers are out and working it.

These things are really valuable when you’re doing makeup in the automobile (or on a train, bus or plane, for that matter):

Skip the brushes if you can. They just complicate things. Plus, you know that crack between the seat and the center console in the car? It’s a freaking black hole when it concerns makeup brushes. If you drop one in there on accident, kiss it goodbye. You’re not going to get it out until humanity learns how to fold space and time.

Creams are key. You can apply creams with your fingers, so without brushes, and you don’t have to worry so much about spillage. on that note, try avoiding makeup that comes in jars or sifters because they’re messy. makeup in pressed pans is OK, but there’s always a chance you’ll drop the pan and shatter it, and you’ll have to use a clean to apply.

Choose products that have something attached to both ends. For example, a lip duo with a lipstick on one end and a lip liner on the other (like the berry lipstick/liner duo I use below from wander Beauty). They’ll save a little space in your makeup bag and lighten your load a little.

A quick peek of the North Bay from highway 37 (which takes you into Napa)

I wish it was this lush all year long.
Wildflowers on display on I-5.
Everything’s green best now! typically these hills are brown.
I did this look with berry lips and cheeks and glowing skin in about 10 minutes in a moving automobile using mostly makeup specifically developed for travel, but of course you can always use whatever you have on hand. The products are by wander Beauty, which is an up-and-coming cruelty-free makeup line out of new York (you can find them at Sephora).

If you like makeup like NUDESTIX or Lilah B, then you might also like wander Beauty’s travel-friendly products and less-is-more style.
Their less-is-more method to makeup is to focus on products you can easily take with you as you wander the world, or, in my case, as you wander up and down I-5 in central California.

Their stuff is also terrific for busy moms, students and professionals — essentially anybody who wants to look polished but doesn’t have time to put in tons of elbow grease.

Давай сделаем это!

TOOLS (products I used are in italic)

A pearly champagne illuminating lotion (Wander charm catch The Light Highlighter and Glowtion Duo)

A pearly champagne cream highlighter (Wander charm catch The Light Highlighter and Glowtion Duo)

Concealer (Make Up For ever Ultra HD in Y33 and Y41)

A brow pencil (Wander charm frame Your face Micro Brow Pencil in Dark Brown)

A matte berry cream blush (Wander charm On-The-Glow blush and Illuminator in Berry Whisper/Nude Glow)

A creamy berry lipstick (Wander charm Lipsetter dual Lipstick and liner in on the Mauve)

A lengthening mascara (Tom Ford FullScreen Lash Mascara)

1. apply a champagne pearly lotion all over bare skin

I just use my fingers to massage the lotion all over my face.

Obligatory bare skin before shot!
It looks shimmery, but once you work it in, it’s much more of a fine pearl.
2. even out your skin with concealer

Conceal dark circles if you have them, and even out any areas where you feel you want/need extra coverage on your face (try to keep as much of the pearly lotion peeking through as you can). I use my fingers to do this.

3. highlight cheekbones with the pearly champagne cream highlighter

Feather out the edges with your fingers.

Texture of this cream highlighter is similar to the NARS Multiples.
4. fill in your brows

Peep my partner in crime!
5. blend berry cream blush to the apples of your cheeks.


Используйте свой палец, чтобы сгладить края. Необязательно: Нажмите немного покрасненного на крышках, чтобы определить ваши глаза.

На одной стороне есть ягода, на одной стороне и персиковой золотой маркировщика на другой. Вы можете носить его как на своих щеках, так и на глазах.
6. Примените губную помаду ягод в губы

Эта помада от брошенного очарования является полным покрытием.
7. Соберите свои ресницы с тушими

8. Донените свою любимую бейсбольную кепку, положите волосы в нижнюю сторону пони, и вы закончите!

Возьми шляпу и уйди!
Ваш дружелюбный дом очарования соседства,


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